Pride and Glory
(Saint Peter's Prep Promotional video)

Writers/Directors: Mike Lazorwitz/Mike Jiran, with Tim Chester,
     Jonathan Fedors and Joe Pona

Featuring (Speakers only, in order of appearance; F denotes Faculty):

  • Julie Meyer (F)
  • Jon Treble
  • Dan Kiczek
  • Soct Hovan (F)
  • Patter Hellstrom (F)
  • Steve Caslowitz (F)
  • Pat Reidy (F)
  • Jon Dwyer (F)
  • Fr. Tony Azzarto (F)
  • Mike Downs
  • ---
  • Mike Jiran
  • ---
  • Mike Ockay
  • Dan Rasmussen
  • Phil Rodino
  • ---
  • Michael Bonner
  • Sanyam Parikh

In the spring of 2003, Waste of Time Productions finally sold out. Pride and Glory, named after the school's alma mater, was a promotional video for Saint Peter's Prep's student recruiting efforts. It was made at the request of then-principal Jack Raslowsky and with the oversight of Jim Horan, Vice President for Development, to replace an earlier video made in 1997.

In exchange for the video (made for class credit in Jim DeAngelo's Video Production course), the school acquired two new computers running Final Cut Pro (which remain property of the Prep TV Studio), finally giving the Waste of Time crew state-of-the-art editing and postproduction capabilities.

Using interviews with students and faculty, combined with footage of classes, sporting events, the Paulus Hook section of Jersey City, extracurricular activities and daily life around the school, Pride and Gloryaims to capture the essence of the institution and its people.

Times change, and substantial turnover in faculty and administration, not to mention the inevitable 100% turnover of the student body, over the last five years have rendered Pride and Glory quite dated, and thus not particularly useful for its original intended purpose, but it remains an interesting document of a particular place and time. The Waste of Time crew managed, perhaps, to capture in a 9-minute DVD, the essence of the place they knew so well, the place that gave them their start.


  • Pride and Glory is the only Waste of Time production to depict Prep TV Studio Moderator Jim DeAngelo, who had helped get them started 2001, and who had the foresight to stay out of their way. He appears about 3:52 in, at a hockey game.
  • At that same hockey game, Mike Jiran and Jonathan Fedors were briefly locked inside a stairwell with their camera equipment as they tried to reach the balcony to capture action shots.
  • The overall structure of the piece—with no narration or explicit narrative framework—was settled upon after several false starts. One rejected trope involved a fictional freshman, named Little Jimmy in a nod to Jim DeAngelo, exploring the school armed with a mystical volume entitled "The Book of Prep."

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