The Life and Times of Marcus Walker


Writer/Director: Mike Lazorwitz
Assistant Director: Mike Jiran

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Mike Jiran (Narrator/Captain Pretentious)
  • Mike Lazorwitz (Marcus Walker)
  • Dr. Dominic Scibilia (Sidney Walker)
  • Kaija DeWitt (Mabel Walker)
  • Dom Carbone (Charlie Applegate)
  • Bob Warner (Alfred Applegate)
  • Karrie Rinder (Carol Applegate)
  • Danielle Hirschhorn (Fiona Wayne)
  • Kelly Martini (Shirley Leibowitz)
  • Ryan Grusenski (Walter Jameson)
  • Kathleen Grusenski (Jamie Kirkland)
  • Raquel Taveras (Karen Johnson)

With EJ Maguire as the garbage man, Joe Pona as Slick Willie, Janhvi as the Terrified Woman, Jack Campion as the Therapist, and Tim Chester as the PSA Voice-Over.

Marcus Walker is an epic mockurockumentary detailing the star-studded career and biography of the eponymous musical legend. Marc overcomes adversity time and again, rising from humble beginnings to found and lead The Beetles, the greatest lip-synch band of all time. When the band breaks up, he bounces back, finding new love, a new hobby (topiary sculpting), and a new musical calling. No more lip synching. From here on out, Marc decides to devote his creative attention to producing records of himself singing along with his record collection.

Its production tested the mettle of the Waste of Time crew, but in the end it was a truly impressive effort, especially given the relative inexperience of all involved.


  • Marcus entered production in early October 2001, and was expected to be completed by Christmas. Instead, the final scene was cut in and the closing titles added on May 17, 2002, about five minutes before it was to debut at the inaugural Prep Film Festival, which it won.
  • The "Waste of Time" name was first used in the opening titles of Marcus, in reference to the amount of difficulty faced in its production.
  • A nearly-completed edit of the film was lost to technical glitches in February, 2002, and was restored from raw footage in just two working days by Jiran, Fedors, Chester, and Ryan Grusenski, with help from "ringers" Jim Coe and Dan Jamison, to the shock of dejected director Mike Lazorwitz.
  • The closing titles mark the first use of Waste of Time's trademark "used without permission" credit for music appearing in the film. Editor Mike Jiran included the line as a joke after the title and artist of each of the many songs used in the film.
  • Also in the closing titles is this cryptic statement:

    Some advice from Paul McCartney—Don't slam your foot in a staircase. And by the way, I am talking about freedom.

    During the making of Marcus, Sir Paul and his 2001 song written to cash in on—er—commemorate the 9/11 attack had become a running joke around the studio. The first line refers to a comment Mike Jiran made about McCartney sounding, in one song, as though he had "slammed his foot in a staircase." No one, to this day, is sure what exactly he meant to say when he coined that particular malapropism.

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