Writer/Director: Mike Lazorwitz

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Jon Fedors (Steve)
  • Mike Lazorwitz (Ron)
  • Danielle Hirschhorn (Laura)
  • Joe Pona (Jim)
  • Mike Jiran (Goon)
  • Dan Jamison (Al)

Another venture into black and white, Lamam examines the politics of the eponymous town, founded by its namesake organization, the Lazy, Angry, Middle-Aged Men's Society. Betrayal, intrigue, and above all contempt for one's fellow human beings—especially the female ones—are everywhere in the upper levels of Lamam's society.

The plot is intentionally vague, used mainly as a vehicle for the characters' attitudes and mannerisms. In short, Steve, the ruler of Lamam, cancels the egomanaical kingmaker Ron's plan to do Jim, a rival, some unspecified harm. Jim gets wind of the plan, either from Steve or from Laura, Ron's girlfriend, and kidnaps Ron with the help of an unnamed, drunken, homophobic Goon.

Jim tells Ron it was Steve who betrayed him, then sets him free, "Because I love to see anger at work." Against the counsel of his levelheaded adviser Al (whom he never, ever listens to, apparently), Ron decides assassinating Steve is the only answer.


  • Lamam was made in response to a class assignment to imagine and present to the class a totally new town and its society. The characters are stereotypes of "The prevailing attitudes of St Peter's Prep Class of 2003."
  • Mike Jiran and Joe Pona were originally supposed to play two different Goons, but due to casting issues, Pona was chosen to play Jim instead, and the two Goons merged into one.
  • Lamam debuted on the last day of the 2002-2003 school year, during the last class to meet for any of that year's seniors. It was the last project presented, thus making this dystopic vision of a future run by the Class of 2003 the last official word from the Class of 2003.
  • The debut screening was presented after a live reading, by the director, of "The Fear," a racist, misogynistic poem by Lamam's poet laureate Lars Jones. The poem was later added to the opening title sequence. Read it here.

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