Uncle Kenny's JUG-A-Rific Adventure
A Jon Fedors/Mike Laz Joint

Writers/Directors: Mike Lazorwitz/Jonathan Fedors

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Jonathan Fedors (Ken Dandorph)
  • Joe Pona (Untucked Shirt Kid/Mercenary #1)
  • Mike Lazorwitz (Leo)
  • Dom Carbone (Mercenary #2)
  • Mike Jiran (Mercenary #3)
  • Katie Downey (Amy)
  • Ryan Grusenski (Prophetic Old Woman)

This playful satire of St. Peter's Prep's disciplinary honcho Ken Dandorph and his stringent enforcement of the school dress code marked the beginning of Waste of Time Productions. Lazorwitz and Fedors resurrected the dormant Prep TV Studio and promptly made it a fixture to be noticed around the school.

When a student (Lazorwitz) inadvertantly wears sneakers to school, Dandorph (Fedors) sends three goons to capture him and bring him to JUG — also known simply as "detention." Fedors does his best impression of Dandorph's best impression of George Patton "Fear not, for I invented JUG!" and Jiran and Pona laid the groundwork for the dumber, meaner goons they'd play two years later in Lamam. Katie Downey, Fedors' real-life girlfriend at the time, appears as the love interest, but it's Ryan Grusenski, in drag as a prophetic old woman, that steals the show.


  • The shot where Leo peers around the corner to see if Dandorph is there contains two jump cuts in order to avoid showing the clock in the hallway, which showed about 4 PM. The scene takes place at 7:55 AM.
  • At the end of the Keystone-Kops-esque chase scene, Mike Jiran falls down, and then kicks an object along the floor until he enters the open classroom. It's his wrist watch, whose band broke when he fell.
  • The final confrontation, an impromptu wrestling match in the wrestling team's practice room, is an homage to Fedors and Lazorwitz' earlier collaborations on backyard wrestling videos.
  • Dom Carbone, who would also later appear in The Life and Times of Marcus Walker, is, to date, the only professional actor ever to be seen in a Waste of Time production. In addition to appearances in TV commercials as a child, he also had a small role in a 2001 Sopranos episode, credited as Dominick Charles Carbone (IMDb entry opens in new window).

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