Filmography : Time Present, Time Past

A journey through the time we've already wasted.

Since 2001, Waste of Time Productions has been using the magic of film and video to examine the mystical elixir of frustration and ennui that is the human condition. Sometimes, the aim is to make the viewer laugh. Sometimes, the aim is to make the viewer laugh to keep from crying. Rarely, the aim is to make the viewer cry. The aim is never to make the viewer throw up, speak in tongues, or anything else like that. If any of these occurs, seek professional assistance at once. Waste of Time Productions cannot be held responsible for personal injury.

At any rate, each Waste of Time movie has been an adventure to make, and, to no one's surprise, each has a story to tell. They are narrative films (mostly) after all. Use the menu at left to view synopses and other features about the films of your choice.

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