Ted Brandyce, Professional Clown

Un Film de Jean-Luc Dupin

Writer/Director: Mike Lazorwitz (Credited as Jean-Luc Dupin)

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Mike Lazorwitz (Ted Brandyce)


This Dupin outing, this time in English, studies the fascinating offstage life of jazz-loving professional clown Ted Brandyce, who is also the local president of his clowning union. Brandyce shares his thoughts on his craft, on the position of clowns in the world, and on whether attacking a clown is really attacking humanity, as we visit him in his home and as he leads a union meeting.


  • This film was shot in Newark, Delaware, where Mike Lazorwitz was "exiled" to the University of Delaware at the time.
  • The union meeting scene was shot in a U-Del lecture hall which Lazorwitz/Dupin commandeered.
  • It's an interesting parallel, no? Ted Brandyce becomes the nameless harlequin when he puts on his makeup, and Mike Lazorwitz becomes Jean-Luc Dupin when he puts on the camera.

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