Stealing From Bums

Writer/Director: Mike Lazorwitz

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Dan Kiczek (Badman)
  • Konrad Dudziak (Bum)
  • Mike Jiran (The Mayor)
  • Ben Yun (Mugger)
  • Jonathan Fedors (Microphone Holder)
  • Tim Chester (Man with Cell Phone)


In this silent, black-and-white short, first-time Waste-of-Timer Dan Kiczek stars as a very happy-go-lucky, yet very bad man. He wears the nicest sweaters, but has no qualm stealing from bums. But when he sees the mayor getting mugged in the park, he springs into action: he mugs the mugger for his weapon, a screwdriver.

The mayor mistakes this bad man for a good Samaritan crimestopper, and invites him to city hall for a press conference, where he gives him the key to the city.

But there's no honor among thieves: as he leaves city hall with the key under his arm, he tackles a passerby and takes his cell phone before skipping happily away.


  • Stealing from Bums was made in a single afternoon in December 2002 from concept to final cut. The College Crapshoot was made the same afternoon.
  • The films were both made for an assignment in Jim DeAngelo's Video Production class, based on the eight worldly dharmas of Buddhism. Each of four groups in the class was assigned a pair of dharmas as a theme. The theme for Bums was "Fame and Disgrace."
  • The only member of the cast or crew who was also a member of the group assigned the "Fame and Disgrace" theme was director and group leader Mike Lazorwitz.
  • The Key to The City was made by Mike Jiran in the Prep TV Studio in about three minutes. The key is made of duct tape, the plaque it's mounted on is a legal pad, and the inscription reads "Key to the City. Nice Job!!" with the exclamation points serving as the eyes of a smiley face.
  • Mike Jiran's late father Joe Jiran came up with the matter-of-fact title for the film during a conversation with the two Mikes aboard a commuter train a few days after it was shot and edited.

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