Untitled [For artistic reasons]

Writer/Director: Mike Lazorwitz

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Mike Lazorwitz (Dave)
  • others coming soon!


Returning to the familiar territory of digital video, the Waste of Time crew, by now coterminous with Mike Lazorwitz, plumbed the depths of chance encounters, desolation, and Chicken in a Biskit™ crackers in Untitled [For artistic reasons]. In brief, Dave meets a traveler who changes his life forever. In actuality, much more goes on than that.



  • This film was written, produced, edited and screened in the span of 24 hours, as stipulated by the rules of the Ithaca College 24-hour film festival. It took second place in the 2004 edition of the Festival.
  • Untitled was also screened at the Dancing Goat Film Festival.
  • The Chicken in a Biskit cracker box the characters snack from throughout was a prop given to the crew, which they were required to use.

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