Experiment #93X #95

Writer/Director: Mike Lazorwitz

Cast (in order of appearance):

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This three-minute black-and-white short, the first film of Mike Lazorwitz' short (yet all too long) career at Ithaca College), marked other firsts for Waste of Time Productions as well. First and foremost was the first venture into "true" film as opposed to digital video, being shot on 16mm. It was the first Waste of Time Production produced away from St. Peter's Prep and the occasional mentoring of Jim DeAngelo. It was the first made with no input whatsoever from any combination of Jon(athan) Fedors or Mike Jiran, and so forth. At least one thing remained constant, however. Lazorwitz would later describe it as "A project designed to frustrate the audience just as much as the filmmaker was [frustrated] in trying to create it." In other words, it was a Waste of Time Production.



  • After viewing this short repeatedly, your intrepid webmaster is still frustrated by it, so it seems to have worked. It was apparently shot in an Ithaca College dorm, especially (though not exclusively) the dank-looking elevator.

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